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she survived, but she’s feeling old

It’s what you make of it.

Perfect with everything, suitable for drinking alone.

Like velvet in the mouth, flexible, with aroma of blackberry. Easy drinking wine, with very soft tannins and a brilliant final touch.
Perfect with pasta, rice and chicken, pork, grilled meats and stews.

Juhan Viiding - Ei ilmu
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j. viiding b-sides and rarities.

I can win - I can lose
I can cheat - I can choose

and for you I keep my legs apart
and forget about my tainted heart

he holds me in his big arms
drunk and I am seeing stars

Get off the cock, if it’s making you sad.

green is green
sky is sky
and boys usually don’t cry

flying is

resentment rides high
emotions are low

need more sleep than coke or methamphetamines

don’t know what you’re doing
sure feels good to me

250 cameras - 250 flashes
why not?

I’ll buy you flowers
like no other girl did before